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#40 - Lee J Malcolm presents Terrestrial (live)


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Following Mark Flash's classic Detroit techno mix coutesy of Alter Ego Management we now find ourselves on the other side of the Atlantic as EPM team up with Vessel's man Lee J. Malcolm bringing us a brand new and exclusive live set, showcasing his new 'Terrestrial' project which also sees his new studio album of the same name reach the stores.

Malcolm is a highly talented producer who remains continually active in the overall music scene. He not only writes and performs with experimental rock band, Vessels (on Cuckundoo Records) but has also been experimenting with electronic music for many years. Having released the first artist album on EPM last summer Lee J Malcolm returns with a new project in the shape of 'Terrestrial'.

Lee was clearly writing in two different styles on his first solo album, to the point where neither could be fully explored if they remained together. Hence he decided to explore a new project that wasn't dictated to by the dance floor in particular but was still a 'head-nodder'. Something that people would like to listen to on headphones and be transported to another place. Thus 'Terrestrial' was born.

You can catch Lee J. Malcolm on a 5 day / 5 date whirlwind tour of the UK with his band Vessels starting 21 November in Glasgow.

21/11/12 : Broadcast - GLASGOW

22/11/12 : Cafe Drummond - ABERDEEN

23/11/12 : Wharf Chambers - LEEDS (late show open till 6am)

24/11/12 : Buffalo Bar – CARDIFF

25/11/12 : The Shacklewell Arms – LONDON

Tracklist EPM Podcast 40 – Lee J. Malcolm presents Terrestrial (live)


1. In The Pan

2. Wonder How

3. Duck 1

4. Rotosen

5. Dark DS

6. Another Crackle

7. Noise Basis

8. Vintage

9. Car Boom

10. FLT UP

11. The Lines Are Yellow

12. Close Enough

** all tracks written & produced by Lee J. Malcolm ** You can subscribe to all of EPM's podcasts via iTunes.

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Q&A with Lee J. Malcolm

1. Please give us a quick run through the show. Why did you choose these particular tracks for your live set?

I needed to remix some of the tracks from the album to make them suitable for the dance floor so I started there. I quickly realised I had quite a fresh sound source to work with so I started writing some new material into the set. I also used some of the MIDI data from Danceroom Spectroscopy, which is a sonic art project I'm involved with down in Bristol. A lot of the synth noises are taken from people's movement in a dance space.

2. Ok lets go back, how and when did you first get into electronic music and what were you listening to?

I've been into guitar music since I was a wee lad. I didn't really pay electronic music much attention for a lot of years because I didn't really get it. I started listening to more experimental instrumental bands and started getting into psychedelia when I was about 16/17 when a friend of mine told me I had to buy Supermodified by Amon Tobin. I was blow away. I didn't know you could make sample based music so emotive and rich. I was listening to hip hop at the time as well. Friends of mine were rapping and asked me to put together some beats. I think it was just a progression from there. I started to really explore the programs I was using and started to understand electronic music on a much deeper level. That married with the fact that I've always been interested in recording and production from a band based side of things led me to start listening with more detail...

3. As a multi-instrumentalist was there a big step from playing in an experimental rock band to being a solo electronic music producer?

Not really. It's been running parallel with being a musician/performer for years. Probably back to when I was about 18. I'd always take my laptop on tour and plug myself in for long journeys. The rest of the guys would be sleeping or chatting shit in the van while I was lost in my headphones, making a lot of techno and electronica. Every now and then one of my band mates would show an interest to what I was doing when I started nodding my head violently and shouting "YES! HAVE THAT!"

4. Who is the artist who has influenced you the most?

I don't think it's possible to name one, or a few for that matter. I think it's more about movements and scenes rather than particular artists. I was lucky to be exposed to some amazing music from a young age. I think i'm more influenced by the people who played stuff to me than the artists themselves. The musicians I surrounded myself with were the most prevalent in shaping my influences.

5. We really love your new album, can you tell us something more about it?

It's not a fish.

6. How long did it take you to find the sound for your 'Terrestrial' project?

I think it was something that was bubbling away in the back of my mind for some time so it's difficult to say. However, the album took about four and a half months to write and record. I wanted to capture a mood so I wrote it all as close together as I could. I think there is consistency in the sound and emotive content. I've found that, personally, taking any more than a year to write an album leads to inconsistency. Your tastes move on. Your mood moves on.

7. What do you prefer - VST or Hardware?

Depends what I'm doing. They both have their uses. Obviously there's the argument for analogue always sounding richer and fatter than hardware, but, you can program VST's to do some pretty phenomenal stuff that a lot of hardware can't do. Gotta love the old MS20 though...

8. What are you working on next, what have you got coming up and what are you excited about?

Musically or otherwise... At the moment I'm working quite hard on the new Vessels stuff. Both in writing and live logistics. It's getting there. We have a tour starting on the 21st of November so there's a bit of frantic preparation going on. I've also finished quite a few new tracks for a possible next Terrestrial album. On top of that there's some more full on techno tracks in the pipeline.

9. What do you like to do away from music?

I'm a bit of a sucker for graphic novels and science fiction so I spend a lot of time reading. Outside of that I do the usual things. Drink good ales with my friends. Talk about the future. Cook. Bowl. Dress up in women's clothing...

10. Please give us your current top 10 favourite tracks:

1. Johann Johannsson - The cause of labour is the hope of the World

2. Steve Reich - Different Trains 3. Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo

4. Shogun Kunitoki - Vinonaamakasio

5. Empty Set - Completely Gone

6. Blawan - Getting Me Down

7. Gary Beck – Samsima

8. Daphni - Ye Ye 9. Jon Hopkins - Vessel (Four Tet Remix)

10. Serenity - Popof