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Mastering in digital music

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Getting your digital music mastered professionally is often the final but all too often overlooked step in releasing your music to the stores. All too often we hear music from labels digital releases that sounds flat, muffled, distorted, no bass etc. one of many problems from people not mastering their music professionally.

It costs between 30 - 50 euros to have a track mastered professionally for digital release so why aren't people willing to invest even this small amount on music they are about to release to the world carrying their name, or on their label ?

If the producer, or label don't take their music seriously enough to have it sound as good as it can be, or have enough interest in their music they produce,  how can they expect anyone else to be be interested or care about their music ?

Too many producers or labels are not taking enough pride in what they do, or don't think about what they are doing.  Making music has become affordable so anyone can now do it, but it seems too many people are doing it without knowing what they are doing. Those who don't know anything about sound, if you are interested in making music then educate yourself in the industry you are trying to enter.  If you not bothered then go back to working your 9 - 5 and leave the music alone as you are only flooding the market with poor quality noise that gets in the way of real music made by real producers who care about what they do.

If you are stll unsure how important mastering your music is then check out this video interview from mastering engineer John Dent

John runs his own studio Loud Mastering who master for vinyl, CD and also Digital Download

Listed below are just a handful of mastering companies that we can recommend but there are many more and we are sure there is somewhere in your city or country that can help. If not contact one of these below.

Please note that EPM will not accept any releases for digital distribution that are not mastered by a professional engineer.

Hardgroove Mastering - 25 GB Pounds per track

Blacklisted Mastering - 30 GB Pounds for track, or 25 GB Pounds for 2 - 4

The Exchange - vinyl, CD & digital download mastering contact from website for pricing

Schnittstelle - vinyl, CD & digital download mastering contact from website for pricing

Any other mastering houses offering digital services who wish to be added to our recommended list please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.