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#23 - Lee J Malcolm presents Terrestrial

LeeJMalcolm terrestrial artwork small

Format: Digital Download (EPM)
Catalog No. EPM23
Release date: 05 November 2012
Mastering: EPM Analog Mastering by Dan d'Ascenzo


01. In The Pan
02. Wonder How
03. To London To Meet The Band
04. Miri Pow
05. For Dam
06. Trappings
07. Trashcan Riotface Queen
08. Yellow Bears In My Garden
09. Bridge To Cross
10. Freememake
11. We Just Might

CLICK HERE for Lee J Malcolm Loops video

Having released the first artist album on EPM last summer Lee J Malcolm returns with a new project in the shape of ‘Terrestrial’.

Lee has mastered various instruments and been in bands ranging from jazz to rock, punk to metal, and latin to folk. He not only writes and performs with experimental rock band, Vessels (on Cuckundoo Records) but has also been experimenting with electronic music for many years.

Since his debut album ‘Folded Spaces’ last summer Lee has been a busy boy. Vessels now have their own recording studio with access to mics and outboard plus no end of toys to play with which has certainly opened a few creative doors.

“I've moved house, been on holiday, got some synths fixed, grown my hair again, bought a new bike, acquired a set of tablas and generally had a lovely time.”

Lee had the opportunity to perform with a sonic art project called Danceroom Spectroscopy in Weymouth as part of the London Olympics incorporating a geodesic dome with surround visuals and surround sound. He has also been doing a lot of writing and producing in the last 12 months and has the makings of another album nearing completion. Although hard to juggle multiple projects Lee always tries to ride the creative spark when it flashes.

“It's definitely a balancing act but I'm old enough to understand that one can feed the other. I don't think I'll ever get tired of being on stage with my band mates and pumping out new Vessels tracks. That camaraderie is quite special and I cherish it deeply. On the flip side I also need my own space to explore my own creative ideas without those annoying bastards sticking their c*nting noses in!”

Lee was clearly writing in two different styles on his first solo album, to the point where neither could be fully explored if they remained together. Hence he decided to explore a new project that wasn't dictated to by the dance floor in particular but was still a ‘head-nodder’. Something that people would like to listen to on headphones and be transported to another place. Thus ‘Terrestrial’ was born.

From the opening throbbing pulse of ‘In The Pan’ to the slo-mo house tempo of ‘Wonder How’ and the dream-like IDM build up of ‘Freememake’ to the warm and buoyant glow of album closer ‘We Just Might’ Terrestrial furrows an organic and esoteric musical path. With the thud of the club, perhaps echoing in the distance, ‘Terrestrial’ is the ideal accompaniment to bring you back down to earth.

As Lee sums up,I think the whole thing came to light over six months and was from a coherent emotional space. It's very much an album about us and our planet. Although there is no spoken narrative, I'm trying to convey an idea.”


DJ Mag (UK)

This terrestrial record's brilliant! 6.5 out of 10 review in the new issue, out now.



BBC - FREELANCER          
Really engaging album that's right up my street. Leftfield, slightly odd and great for a bit of escapism. Love the way 'Freememake' opens up into a shimmering crescendo. I'll definitely be pitching this one.

Malcolm's album is really good.  Reviewed: