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09 - FarrisWheel Recordings / Rulex


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Following Robert Hood’s exclusive M-Plant minimal masterclass, the all Irish mix from Dagham & Remlab and the mighty Space DJz we now welcome DJ and production duo Rulex to the EPM Podcast, providing a pumping, house experience with a FarrisWheel label showcase. Featuring the likes of Studio 54 & BCrew, Gene Farris, Roomsa, Demarkus Lewis, Funky Transport, Decade of Beats and Daniel Thompson, the Dutch duo take us on a house trip from vocal anthems to dark and twisted acid workouts. Enjoy the ride!

Rulex (aka Rudichi and Alex Pi) are two self-confessed Dutch house freaks how also jointly run the 2 Records label. Together they have produced various house tracks for the label and also remixed the likes of Louis Vega & Dj Pierre (Afro Acid), Justice & Dj Pierre, Gene Farris and Danny Howells and everything Rudichi & Alex Pi create stands for quality in the field of house music.

Alex Pi also works alongside Gene Farris as the label manager for Farris Wheel and this mix superbly showcases the quality house productions that Farris Wheel stands for. Today a whole new generation appreciates the music of these two talented producers without knowing the full history of it. The future of house music is in safe hands.



Rulex – EPM Podcast 009 Tracklist:

Gene Farris – ‘I Need You’ (Original Mix)

Roomsa – ‘Tonight E.P.’ (Original Mix)

Demarkus Lewis - ‘Like it or Not’ from the Top Shelf E.P.

Gene Farris - ‘Visions of The Future’ (Fabio Bacchini Mix)

Decade of Beats - G.F Finger Me (Gene Farris Remix)

Funky Transport vs Jonee Q – ‘Shake It’ (Derrick Carter Remix) (B.H.Q)

Gene Farris – ‘Set Me Free’ from The Fruity Green Album

Studio 54 & BCcrew – ‘Work Ya Body’ from ‘The Pervert E.P.’

Gene Farris – ‘4 Minutes of Pleasure from the Mainline Disco EP

Studio 54 & BCcrew – ‘Forget Me Nuts’ from The Pervert E.P.

Industry Files – ‘What A Day’ (Vocal Guitar Mix)

Daniel Thompson – ‘The Contrast E.P.’ (Daniel Thompson Groove)

Decade of Beats (Gene Farris Summer Affair 2006)

Behind The Groove – ‘Calling Your Name’ (N and B dub)


All tracks used in the mix are digitally distributed by EPM Music

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Q&A with Rulex’s Alex Pi


1. Please give us a quick walk through your selection. Why did you choose these tracks and artists for the mix?

We wanted to tell the musical history of Farris Wheel in a DJ Mix. Besides two new tracks we only used records from the back catalog of Farris Wheel. For us the feeling of Farris Wheel is Real House Music. That was our main goal, what you will hear back in the mix. We went from warm to funky to harder tracks and back to house. The two new tracks is a flashforward to our new mix with only new Farris Wheel tracks from 2004 till now. Its really nice to work with these artist and an honour.

2. How did you hook up with Gene Farris and what DJ and production tips did you learn from the Chicago legend?

I met Translucent aka Jason Tyler in Chicago and he told me Gene was living in Amsterdam. One day I met Gene at a beach party and I invited him to play on the truck at Dance Parade. At that time i was living in Amsterdam aswell, so I was visiting Gene a lot. I helped Gene with his parties in the Jimmy Woo Club in Amsterdam and after a while Gene asked me to be his label partner. What I learned from him is how he works in the studio. How he makes his music. That was an honour to see the magic happening in real time.

3. After all these years (and lets be honest) tough times for labels, how have you kept the passion?

It’s hard, I agree. Especially after the digital make his break through. But like a famous Dutch soccer player said. Every disadvantage has it’s advantage. With the digital sales/labels its much easier to get your music out there and played by DJs. But eventually i think you have to stick to the plan and keep believing in the music and yourself. With good energy there is always inspiration to make music.

4. What are your production plans for 2010?

Rulex is working on a new album of 8 to 10 tracks. That means we will be working a lot in the studio. Besides that we are planning to make remixes and play as much as possible in the clubs and festivals.

5. You’re both Amsterdam boys at heart but if you were forced to move where would be your first port of call?

That would be Chicago. Capitol city of House.

6. It seems that Holland has kept the house flag flying for many years, whilst others keep trying to re-invent the wheel with new genres all the time. How do you remain focused on your primary passion?

We are focusing on funky music. And music is a way of expressing yourself or a feeling so we dont think in that way. And we want to reach a wide audience. From America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia.

7. What are the key elements that make a great house record.

Less is more. Meaning with using less sounds to get more result. Beside the idea, equalizing, compressors, delays, reverbs very important for us.

8. Which new artists and labels, in your opinion, should we be looking out for?

Artists: Egbert , El Funkador, D'Juice le Sweet, Stefan Vilijn & Domingos, Shiva, MC Boogshe, MC Dirty B

Labels: Afro Acid, 3000 Recordings, BOGA Records (not out yet)

9. How did 2 Records come about and what are your plans for the label in 2010?

We are two guys that have known each other for a long time. We think the same way about music and life. During the Winter Music Conference in Miami we were hanging in between two palm trees and made the decision to start the record label 2Recordz. 2010 will be the year of the Rulex Album that we work hard on for the 2Recordz label. Besides that we are working on a new website and new projects and events.

10. Please give us your top 5 ‘All Time House Music Classics’

1 Roy Davis Jr / Gabriel

2 Spaced invader / hatiras / slarta john

3 Thomas Bangalter-What to do (Trax on da rocks)

4 Vikter Duplaix / Morena

5 Blair / Life / Derrick Carter Remix