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011 - Kone-R

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Following Vince Watson’s deep techno exploration we now welcome Uncharted Audio’s Kone-R to the EPM Podcast, providing a superb trawl through some of techno and house’s finest moments in recent years featuring the likes of Bandulu, Redshape, Model 500, $tinkworx, Marco Passarani, Robert Hood, James Ruskin, Florence, Baruka and more.

Kone-R is the man behind the Uncharted Audio record label, which has introduced the likes of Cursor Miner, LJ Kruzer, Kings Have Long Arms and plenty of other weird and wonderful sonic tomfoolery to the world. Manning the turntables since 1992 when he discovered the joy of warehouse raves, the spirit of that era lives on in his sets today, with a liberal sprinkling of ambience, techno, breakbeats and plenty of low frequency oscillations. Despite the length of time he’s spent in the booth, he maintains a cutting edge – you’re as likely to hear him drop fresh dubplates by up and coming acts alongside the latest cuts from Berlin to Detroit as you are to hear vintage rave, classic disco and timeless electro. What’s more, every Kone-R set is expertly mixed entirely on turntables to preserve audio and artistic integrity – just like in the good old days.


Kone-R – EPM Podcast 011 Tracklist:

Length: 1h 22m 26s
Recorded live in one take on 2 x 1210's using vinyl and Serato

Bandulu - "Amaranth - Love Lies Bleeding" (Infonet)
Redshape - "Seduce Me" (Delsin)
Cyan341 - "Heptagrammic" (Uncharted Audio)
Justin Berkovi - "Days Pass, Nights Creep In" (EevoNext)
Dubbyman feat. Jus Ed - "Sunday Manifesto" (Deep Explorer)
Model 500 - "Starlight (Deepchord mix)" (Echospace)
LJ Kruzer - "Poil (Ukkonen mix)" (Uncharted Audio)
$tinkworx - "Raise Up" (Delsin)
Newworldaquarium - "Trespassers (541 Dub mix)" (NWAQ)
Florence - "The Vineyard (Peter Ford's Swinger)" (Eevo Lute Muzique)
Marco Passarani - "Phonok" (Nature)
Monobox - "Realm 1" (M-Plant)
Robert Hood - "War In The Streets" (M-Plant)
Intrusion - "Intrusion Dub (cv313 Reduction)" (Echospace)
James Ruskin - "Time & Place" (Blueprint)
Introvert - "Times We Live In (Original mix)" (Nightvision)
Baruka - "Play It Loud (FX mix)" (Nightvision)
CiM - "Cable Car" (Ann Aimee)
Galaxian - "Credit Crunch" (Z-Bop)
Arne Weinberg - "Innermost Thoughts" (Matrix)
Phenomyna - "Got The Urge (Explained by Stasis)" (A.R.T.)


All tracks used in the mix are digitally distributed by EPM Music You can subscribe to all of EPM’s podcasts via itunes.


Q&A with Kone-R

1. Please give us a quick walk through your selection. Why did you choose these tracks and artists for the mix?
A number of these artists and labels are among my favourites from down the years and I wanted to try and show the different facets they each have and how they've each influenced me in different ways with their sound. Also geographically it's great to have the UK, US and Europe all represented. I always try to give my mixes a bit of a narrative - the tracks play as long as they need to in order to get their own message across but there's also a wider structure, so we start off in fairly deep territory and build up to some fairly frenetic techno, before heading back down and out the other side. It winds up with a classic by one of my all time favourite artists, Steve Pickton (where is he now?!!)

2. How do you balance running your label, Uncharted Audio with DJing and other jobs? What criteria must music meet for you to put it out?
It's quite tough - the label is a part-time thing so it's not easy to find all the time I need to try and achieve all the things I want to do. I used to spend a lot more time on DJing and production but they've both suffered, especially the latter, as the label has come to fill up most of my spare time. I'm very lucky to have some good friends who have helped me out with it, Dan who I originally set it up with, and Paul who helps me out with it now. If it weren't for those guys it would probably not still be going now, so it's very much thanks to them.

As for criteria, that's quite difficult to convey as there is no 'Uncharted Audio sound', it can't really be pigeonholed. I like a lot of different music - if I hear something I know almost straight away if I'm going to want to listen to it again, or if I can work with it or whatever. I think with Uncharted it's a lot to do with the people. I refuse to work with anyone who isn't on my wavelength. I do this because I love it so why would I want to spend time arguing with someone or being suspicious of them or they of me? It's a very honest and down-to-earth bunch of people, they are all a pleasure to know and to work with and of course they're all extremely talented.

3. You are a resident DJ at one of London clubland’s best kept secrets, Ginglik in Shepherds Bush. What are the best parties you have had there?
I've been a resident at Ginglik for over six years now, so there have been a LOT of parties! It's a great little place and Colin and Tam that run it are fantastic people. When I started getting involved with them I promoted a monthly Uncharted session that saw some good nights, the best was probably with American cult synthpop band Freezepop, but there were also some belters with the likes of Max Tundra and Si Begg. Since those sessions there have been at least two great nights involving Plaid, one with A Guy Called Gerald that really sticks in my mind, B12... there are loads!!

4. Uncharted Audio has introduced us to Cursor Miner, LJ Kruzer and Kings Have Long Arms amongst others. What next for 2010?
The newest act on the roster is Ukkonen, who's a Finnish producer. He makes this incredible techno from a completely isolationist standpoint. He doesn't listen to techno - his compositional roots are totally elsewhere. It's a really unique sound because it feels like the tracks are pulsing 4/4 numbers but the time signatures are all over the shop, it's properly jazz. His recent remix for LJ Kruzer appears in the mix, he's also got a three track 12" on the way, followed by an album. There's also going to be more releases from Cyan341, a London producer who we have done a few tracks with now, but the big thing for us this year is going to be the new Cursor Miner album 'Requires Attention'.

5. There is a fire in your house and you have to choose between saving your entire collections of B12, Drexciya, Autechre, Aphex Twin or Red Planet. Which one do you choose and why?
What a terrifying concept, this question could keep me awake at night! To be honest, probably Aphex. I've always been a huge fan since the turn of the 90's - I still think no one can really touch his skills. As well as rescuing those I'd be grabbing armfuls of my Rephlex collection, just because it dates back to when I first started getting into electronic music, hence a lot of those records hold good memories for me - and also because some of them have quite high resale value... you know the insurance isn't going to pay out their actual worth!

6. West is best!? Most of London’s clubs are based in and around east London. As a resident in West London, what does the west have to offer?
One of the great things about London is that it's quite disparate, the clubs aren't homogenised. If you go out east it's totally different to anywhere else. Obviously it has the reputation for being 'trendy' in the media - I don't think that does it any favours in the long run, but what can you do? At least there does seem to be a resurgence in parties in warehouses and other odd spaces, people being creative with their parties and keeping them genuinely underground rather than just putting on a load of electro-house in a bar where sunglasses are mandatory and a bottle of warm lager is 8 quid a go.

The west, particularly outside the west end, which is it's own little world, doesn't really have these delusions of grandeur. Somewhere like Ginglik doesn't have to worry about pressure from trends or the media - it just does what it does, keeps the vibe very friendly and has a great time. It can be a weird mixture of people but I think that just proves that it's very inclusive and welcoming. Also the sound system is first rate! I'm probably biased but I do like west the best... it's just nice. Does that make me a snob?!

7. Who is the best techno DJ in the world?
Impossible to say, as it depends on the criteria, time, place etc. I don't pay a lot of attention to other dj's as I try to keep myself free of too much external influence. Also I've been let down too many times by so-called 'great' DJs. It may sound very egotistical but from a personal standpoint I always try to ensure that my favourite DJ to listen to is me! Otherwise why bother? Probably the best sets I've heard down the years though, and some of these go back a long way, would have been by (in no particular order): Hawtin & Villalobos, James Ruskin, Colin Dale, Colin Faver, Mr C, Dave Angel, Loftgroover, Aubrey, Baby Ford, Steve Bicknell... there's a lot!

8. Which new artists and labels, in your opinion, should we be looking out for?
Balkan, who just put out a very good series of compilation 12"'s, they're putting out the new Posthuman album shortly and have more stuff in the pipeline, should be one to keep an eye on. To be honest there seems to be a bit of a dearth of new labels at the moment - which isn't to say the established ones aren't kicking out plenty of tough jams, since they are. As for artists, from stuff I've been sent over the last few months, I've been really impressed by See The Road, who I think are a duo from Nottingham doing some really nice techno. I'm also digging Space Dimension Controller who I appear to have slept on but in the meantime has been snapped up by R&S! Also a special mention for Lopez on Keep Up because their new record is a great cross-genre bit of wax and The Sight Below on Ghostly for the same reason but with totally different genres.

9. What music do you listen to at home?
Usually it's checking for new records, listening to promos, demo stuff and so on but when I'm able to chill and actually put something immersive on, quite often it'll be ambient or electronica... recently I've been revisiting a lot of Biosphere records and I'm also loving the recent Autechre material, which is their best for years I think. But I do have quite wide tastes - just looking at my profile, my favourite artists appear to include The Chap, Ultravox, Pixies and Loop.... although obviously it doesn't pick up what i'm also listening to on vinyl. I've got a thing for early electronic music, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and so on. And then there's my flashback sessions to early 90's hardcore. It's all good!

10. Please give us your top 5 ‘All Time British Real Ales (beers)’

1. Red MacGregor (Orkney)

2. Landlord (Timothy Taylor)

3. Old Ale (Harveys)

4. Festival Mild (Gales)

5. London Pride (Fullers)